Hey, did you hear what happened to cleaning?

First, hello.
It's good to meet you

We understand you're interested in a cleaner world. Well, there's something that unites us already. Because that's the business we're in, making your home and our mutual home, this planet, cleaner.

We are a small family company from Finland and we are super excited to share our cleaning products and expertise with you soon!

Environmental leadership in our category

High environmental awareness is a cornerstone of our operations. We design and produce long-lived products, with replaceable parts, and use recycled materials in production. We stand for durability and quality over throw-awayism.

We walk the talk and focus on concrete actions in environmental leadership. Our production sites in Finland are 100% carbon neutral and we have our own solar power plant on the roof of our factory in Kokemäki, Finland. In addition, zero waste goes to landfills and all excess plastic from production is reused in our factories.