5 great reasons to choose SINI cleaning tablets

5 great reasons to choose SINI cleaning tablets

With SINI’s biodegradable cleaning tabs you’ll get a cleaner result with less plastic waste. Here’s why they’re worth a try:

1. As efficient as regular cleaning solutions

The SINI products have been awarded the EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means the products’ environmental impact has been evaluated and that they remove tough stains efficiently. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is only awarded to products that are as efficient as a similar product that has not received the certificate. This means the SINI tabs are both environmentally friendly and efficient.

2. Easy to carry

Detergents are traditionally transported around the world between warehouses and stores, which causes an unnecessarily large amount of carbon dioxide emissions – especially because more than 95 % of the bottles’ contents is usually water. With SINI tabs there’s no more carrying water and single-use plastic bottles around and home from the store. The SINI tabs also save room thanks to their small size.

3. Only the best ingredients

The small tablets contain only the best raw materials, and the environmentally friendly cleaning agents are efficient. The tablets have been designed to be safe to use, ecological and that they don’t contain any known allergens.

4. A beautiful, reusable bottle

The frosted SINI bottle has received praise for its stylishness. You don’t need to hide this one in the back of the cupboard – feel free to leave it on the kitchen counter within reach at all times. Buy once, and reuse as much as you want to. Less plastic waste!

5. Carbon-neutral manufacturing in Kokemäki, Finland

The SINI cleaning tablets are produced with solar energy in our carbon neutral factory in Kokemäki, Finland. Just fill the reusable bottle with warm water, add in a tablet – you now have a bottle of ecological and efficient cleaner. Your home is a great place to start cleaning the planet :)