How to choose the right microfibre cloth

How to choose the right microfibre cloth

The carefully designed and tested structure of the SINI microfibre cloths makes cleaning different surfaces easy and efficient. But sometimes choosing the right kind of microfibre can be difficult. Here are some of our best tips!


For cleaning the kitchen, choose an absorbent kitchen cloth that removes dirt and grease even without any cleaner. The striped surface structure of the Microfibre Kitchen Cleaning Cloth is perfect for removing crumbs. We recommend using a separate Microfibre Stovetop Cleaning Cloth for ceramic hobs and stainless steel surfaces to keep them streak-free and shiny.


It’s important to use the toilet cloth only for cleaning the toilet bowl so that the bacteria are not spread onto other surfaces. Use a Microfibre Toilet Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the toilet bowl, a Microfibre Bathroom Cleaning Cloth for the bathroom sink and the tiles, and a Microfibre Window Cleaning Cloth for the mirror.


In the bathroom, removing limescale is the most difficult task. The coarse side of the Microfibre Bathroom Cleaning Cloth removes limescale and grease build-up without scratching the surface. The soft side polishes and dries efficiently. The absorbent cloth absorbs up to four times its weight in water, so it’s perfect for drying bathroom surfaces.

Windows and mirrors

Window surfaces are often dirtier than mirrors, which is why we recommend using a Microfibre Window Cleaning Cloth to clean windows. Its wedge-shaped fibres remove dirt efficiently. The smooth side dries and polishes, leaving the windows shiny and streak-free.

Living room and bedrooms

For other surfaces at home, we recommend using a Microfibre Universal Cleaning Cloth that binds dust effectively when dry, and removes dirt and grease with water alone.


Wipe down door handles, light switches and other surfaces regularly with a damp Microfibre Universal Cleaning Cloth. Use the SINI Universal Cleaner Spray to clean the contact surfaces.

Using and washing the microfibre cloths

To prevent spreading bacteria and viruses around, it’s important to wash your cleaning cloths regularly. All SINI microfibre cloths can be washed in the washing machine at 60°C. We recommend folding the cloths in four when cleaning, so you have eight cleaning surfaces at hand.

The point of colour-coding is to use different coloured cloths for different rooms and surfaces to avoid spreading the dirt and bacteria from one surface to the other. Colour-coding your cleaning cloths makes cleaning easier than ever!

Hygienic cleaning starts with high-quality equipment, using them correctly and keeping them clean – remember to wash the cleaning cloths regularly to always have clean equipment at hand.