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Window Squeegee

It's good quality and works very well for window cleaning.

Highly pleased

I already loved the kitchen cleaner, now trued the window cleaner and i can honestly say it is the best thing i have ever used on my windows in my 36 years of life. Works fast abd leaves no streaks. Just love it!

Jag gillar!

Jättebra koncept, bättre för miljön och snygga flaskor!


Smells good, remove dirt easily and it’s good for the environment!! Can’t be better?

I love sini

I love the cleaner sets !!

Nice, but too short for me.

I like the head and it cleans well, but I thought I can change the position of the holder.

First try

Hello. I love cleaning, so I used a lot of cleaning products in my life. Since I have small children, I wanted to find a more natural products that I can use in my household.
Kitchen cleaner : it´s great. I like that it can remove all the daily stains, that were made while cooking, kids playing and just life in general.
Universal cleaner : also great. I usualy use it when dusting, it doesn´t leave stikes on the furniture,or doors.
Bathroom cleaner : I understand that it´s more enviromentaly friendly product. However, I needed to use it more times on the bathtub to get all the dirt out. Maybe I´m doing it wrong and I need to let it sit for a bit. I will try it bit more, because I haven´t had the time (oops..)
I thought the smell would be stronger. But that's the very last thing on my priority list when it comes to cleaning. Above all, I feel good about the fact that my children can function peacefully in the household and I don't have to worry that I used strong cleaning chemicals. From me, I would recommend it to anyone who wants something more natural. Sending love and peace. K.

Detail Brush
Bürgehan K.

We ilke it very much


It´s a really good cleaner and a plus that it´s enviromental friendly aswell :)


Flaskorna är ju så smidiga och bra spray så det täcker ytorna. Och bästa är ju att du sen bara behöver köpa tabletter så lätt att bära hem. Älskar att det finns i många butiker så man snabbt får det hem när det är slut.

I like it too

I like it

Lint Roller


Detail Brush

Nice one


Good one

Cleaning Soda

Good product

A good tool

I really like the window squeegee because it squeegees well and it lies well in the hand. No need to apply pressure for a good result. That's particularly important when you have a whole house of windows to clean or do it professionally. Everything that saves my wrists and elbows is a beloved tool.

However, there is still room for improvement.
I would have liked the possibility to exchange the rubber blade only to avoid unnecessary plastic garbage.

I also would have liked a third size. There is one squeegee for small panes and there is this one. And I would have enjoyed an even larger one for large windows.

I did not buy the sini telescopic handle even though I would have liked to have a telescopic squeegee generally because I have quite some tall panes to clean and don't enjoy ladders.
However, if you stand on the floor and try to squeegee above your head you would need the telescopic shaft to have a tiltable head as a squeegee needs to lie on the pane quite straightly and evenly for a good result. The angle you stand in relation to the pane decides how to tilt the squeegee.

Conclusion: it's already difficult enough to find a squeegee that actually squeegees well and without much pressure and the sini squeegee does just that. I really like it as it is.
I would buy it again. I already recommended it to friends and family.
But it's not the unicorn one and only squeegee that makes all dreams come true.

Very good

Good light scent and they really works!!! Fast shipping.... I' m from Italy :)

It was great!

Wonderful products!

Great quality! I found the products because of Aurikatariina on YouTube.

Good quality and useful tool

The plastic of the brush seems resistant. It has a small scraper on the head which is very useful while cleaning, since sometimes it happens to find sticky spots. I never considered using this kind of tool before but I find it very useful compared to a sponge because hair does not get trapped in it and it is easy to clean the "details" (around a stove, between the oven door, under the shower plexiglass and so on).

Great product as always

Dust Donut
Barbara K.

Dust Donut


Thanks to Aurikatariina and her deep clean video’s that i hear about Sini so i thought let’s try it and……. it works!! I’m very happy and want to thank you for the good products and I can recommend anyone to use them. Keep doing the good work 👍🏽👍🏽