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First Sini product I don't like, it's not very good leaves streaks on both window, mirror and porcelain tile buff , maybe needs a water & vinegar mix instead of just water. Would not buy this formula again with SINI window squeegee and the Sini window spray. Highly impressed at results. I'm addicted to Sini at this point 😆

I bought this inspired bu Aurikatariinas videos and it does disappoint. I use it for everything, multiple times a day, great quality

Oh this baby is top notch for scrubbing walls, floors, window frames, shower glass etc. Highly recommended, you need to buy the pole separately

No more scrubbing my floor grout on my hand and knees , works great with all SINI cleaning products on many surfaces . THX Auri 😊

I love the size of this proper floor cloth, works so well with SINI squeegee for drying floors

Very cost effective and versatile product. Works great on any surface

Comes in one piece extremely strong and fits all Sini adapters for cleaning. Thx to Aurikatariina for introducing me to SINI.

Ok I only bought these because I love Auriikatarina videos and she always uses them and Sini products.

My favourite of all the products, these tablets are so efficient and environmentally conscious

No streaks, only one bottle needed for life and then just buy these tablets , fabulous

I'm a convert, Sini products work amazing


Very sharp, easy to.hold and manoeuvre, love it

Love it

I just love this!

SOO CUTE and practical

Does the job of cleaning messes so well and not only that, they smell good AND have the cutest packaging!!! What more can you ask for. Will definitely be a must have in my home.

Dustpan Set
Melanie B.
Quality: perfect

Got this Dustpan Set some days ago and I'm really happy! The quality is perfect, and the set stands alone fine! Highly recommended!

Ingen doft men bra resultat

Tyvärr luktar den inte och det gör inte mina andra Sini produkter heller är dock sjukt mjölk med resultatet när jag använder dem.

Will buy again

Cleans good
Sustainable and eco friendly
Less storage at home required
Good quality cloths

Shipping takes long and ist quite pricey (shipping to Germany)
Smells nice but not strong, would prefer a stronger smell
I don’t like the spray pattern of the bottles

Starter Set Bathroom, Kitchen, Universal

Detail Brush
Samira V.

Detail Brush

Window Squeegee

It's good quality and works very well for window cleaning.

Highly pleased

I already loved the kitchen cleaner, now trued the window cleaner and i can honestly say it is the best thing i have ever used on my windows in my 36 years of life. Works fast abd leaves no streaks. Just love it!

Jag gillar!

Jättebra koncept, bättre för miljön och snygga flaskor!


Smells good, remove dirt easily and it’s good for the environment!! Can’t be better?

I love sini

I love the cleaner sets !!