Acid or alkaline? – How to choose the right kind of cleaner?

Acid or alkaline? – How to choose the right kind of cleaner?

Does it matter what kind of cleaning spray you use? Yes, it does! The cleaner should always be chosen to fit the surface. Here’s how to choose the perfect kind of SINI cleaning tab for any surface:

1. An alkaline detergent for kitchen surfaces

In the kitchen, removing grease stains is crucial. The SINI Kitchen Cleaner with a lemon scent neutralises odours, removes grease and stains from the countertops, the hob, the kitchen table and the refrigerator door, for example. The Microfibre Kitchen Cleaning Cloth with a striped texture removes stains easily. Spray the SINI Kitchen Cleaner onto the surface and wipe down with a cloth or a sponge. No need for extra wiping!

2. An acid detergent for the bathroom

Limescale build-up is common in the bathroom and removing it can be time-consuming. The SINI Bathroom Cleaner with a mild lavender scent leaves the bathroom perfectly clean and its acidic pH-value removes limescale and rust efficiently. Use the Microfibre Bathroom Cleaning Cloth with two different textured sides to make cleaning the bathroom exceptionally easy. The coarse side removes limescale and grease stains without scratching the surface. The soft side polishes and dries the surface. Spray the SINI Bathroom Cleaner onto the tap, glass surfaces and other surfaces and wipe down with a cloth or a sponge.

3. A neutral detergent for universal cleaning

The pH neutral SINI Universal Cleaner with a mild grapefruit scent works perfectly on any other surface at home. Spray onto the cleanable surface and wipe down with a cloth. The universal cleaner can also be used to clean windows and mirrors. Spray it onto the glass surface and wipe down with a window cloth.

Cleaning tabs – ecological and efficient

Using just one detergent for all surfaces is never the best option. When you use the right kind of cleaner, it works as efficiently as possible, and you don’t have to use as much of it.

The SINI cleaning tablets have been awarded the EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and are produced at our carbon neutral factory in Kokemäki, Finland. The ingredients are compressed into a small biodegradable tablet, and the cleaning agents are very efficient. Fill the beautiful, reusable bottle with warm water, add in a tablet, and you’re ready to go!