How to use the SINI cleaning tabs

How to use the SINI cleaning tabs

Using the SINI tabs is oh so easy: just add a tablet into warm water and you’ll have a bottle of efficient and environmentally friendly cleaner in no time.

How to use:

  1. Fill the bottle up to the line with warm tap water.
  2. Add in a tablet and let it dissolve for at least 30 minutes. Attach the nozzle after the tablet has dissolved completely.
  3. Start cleaning! Twist the nozzle to the STOP position after use.

The SINI cleaner product range at the moment includes three different cleaning tablets: a universal cleaner with a grapefruit scent, a kitchen cleaner with a lemon scent, and a bathroom cleaner with a lavender scent. The starter kit comes with one bottle and two cleaning tabs. Tablet refills are sold in packs of two.

How long do my tablets last?

The ready solution is usable for approximately 6 months when it’s kept at room temperature. The water quality and its cleanness level also affect the preservability. If you notice any changes in the solution’s color, scent or consistency, we recommend you empty out the bottle, rinse it thoroughly and prepare another bottle of detergent.

The products contain safe, food grade preservatives. Please note that if the detergent is not used for a longer period of time, little build-up may appear at the bottom of the bottle. This is completely normal. Shake the bottle before use if build-up has formed. The tablets keep in their packaging for years, as long as the packaging stays air and moisture tight. So, feel free to stock up to never run out of cleaning tabs!