Consumer choices that make a difference

Consumer choices that make a difference

Sinituote, the forerunner of ecological cleaning, launched the first replacement head cleaning products over 20 years ago. These products have helped save more than one million kilograms of plastic.

Why buy a whole new brush when you can just replace the head and keep using the handle? Cutting down on plastic was our leading thought when we launched our first replacement head cleaning tools back in 1998. The replacement head products – the SINI Dish Brush with Replacement Head, the SINI Toilet Brush, and the SINI Lint Roller – have since helped reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic waste by over one million kilograms. That equals more than 46 million grocery bags.

– We don’t want to sell anything useless to our customers. Long-lasting and versatile products are at the heart of our concept, says Johanna Hamro-Drotz, CEO of Sinituote.

Responsible and sustainable choices are usually also economically sound. It is both ecological and cost-efficient to use the same handle for several mop heads for different purposes.

Recycling and innovation as drivers of sustainability

Our vision is to promote sustainable consumption and to fight the throw-away culture. As of now, almost half of the plastic used in our production is of recycled origin. Our goal is to only use recycled plastic in our products by 2030. Already now, the handles of the replacement head products are made of 100 % recycled plastic.

– It is, however, not enough to just recycle. The volume of plastic waste needs to be significantly reduced. This is why we constantly work on new innovations that can help save the environment, Hamro-Drotz says.

The SINI cleaning tablets are the newest example of our sustainable product innovation. The small tablet turns water into detergent, and the spray bottle that comes with the starter kit can be used over and over again.

At Sinituote, we want to help consumers find sustainable solutions to their everyday cleaning needs. We know that the consumer always has the freedom of choice. That is why we are delighted to notice that our customers are willing to reduce plastic waste by choosing the SINI replacement head products and cleaning tablets.